How to Fix Eyelashes That Grow Down?

Since the beginning of time, long, full, dark, fluttery, curled eyelashes have been the symbol of pretty, sexy, and femininity. They draw attention to our eyes unlike anything else. If you have been using Latisse consistently and you have succeeded in obtaining long, full, dark, fluttery lashes, congrats!

Sadly, for so many women, their lashes grow straight down instead of naturally curling up and out. As of now, there, unfortunately, is no permanent fix, but luckily there are tricks, products, or services anyone can try to give your lashes the flirtatious look you desire.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes. Lash lifts chemically set the shape of your natural lashes in a nice upward, realistic-looking swoop. 

women curling lashes

The process is relatively simple and can be done in one day. During the consultation with your technician, you will discuss a curl size based on your goals, desires and eye shape. Once agreed upon, your lash artist will clean your lashes and apply a “silicone shield” to the skin.

This is an adhesive that is similar to the glue used to apply fake lashes and is applied on top of the shield. The lashes are then combed upwards to take their new shape, and the perming product is applied. The perming solution is left on for five to twelve minutes to harden and lock in the new shape.

The solution is then followed by a nourishing cream product that pumps moisture back in the lashes. The initial 24 hours following your treatment is critical to how long the lift will last. Within the first 24 hours, your lashes should be kept completely dry, avoiding water, steam, and any and all makeup to help the lift last the full six or even eight weeks. 

Following the first 24 hours, you are free to live your life as normal. Unlike with fake lashes or extensions, you can wet your lashes, sleep however you want, and you can even wear makeup. If you are trying to be as low maintenance as possible, speak to your technician about adding a lash tint.

A lash tint will give you weeks of beautiful, full, dark eyelashes without mascara. It is a quick process you may want to pair with the eyelash lift to give you the flirtiest eyes. 

An eyelash lift usually lasts around six to eight weeks and should cost anywhere between $70-  $115 dollars. Anything less and you are risking the quality, skills, and knowledge of the eyelash artist. Be sure to search for someone who has several good reviews and years of experience. That is a sign of someone you can really trust. 

If you are looking for a more natural route, there are methods to eyelash curling that you can attempt that may help you achieve curlier lashes. 

Become a master with your eyelash curling tool!

If you are looking to curl your lashes, get acquainted with the tips and tricks to make them as curly as possible. 

1. Train your lashes 

Just as you train your wavy hair to straighten or straight hair to be wavy, to a certain degree, you can train your eyelashes to curl. The trick is to curl your lashes every single day, even if you are not leaving your house. Pressing down harder than you normally would, take a few minutes and slowly curl, taking your time at each step. Over time you will see that this tip works and they are used to being curled. 

2. Spend the money on a quality eyelash curling tool

If you are struggling with your lashes growing down, the type of curler you use can make a great difference. We’ve said it before, but quality over quantity. It is 100 percent worth it to splurge on a quality curler

3. Are you curling properly? 

Properly curling is imperative to the success of your eyelashes actually staying curled.

  • With your clean lashes, no eye cream or last night’s makeup lingering, bring the eyelash curler to the base of your eyelashes, avoiding touching or tugging the eyelid skin.
  • The curler should be resting on your cheek. Be sure to not lift the tongs, you will pull out your eyelashes.
  • Gently squeeze and hold the curler there for ten seconds, slowly release the curler and move towards the middle of your lashes, and then moving to the tip of your cilium repeating the process of gently squeezing the curler for ten seconds. 

4. Rotate your curlers or switch out the pads

After daily use, your curler or the pads on your curler will begin to break down and they will need to be replaced. The buildup will become a hindrance to the swoop of your eyelashes. If the pads on your eyelash curler develop holes, it needs to be replaced, otherwise, the tool will cut your lashes. 

5. Heat your eyelash curler

You have most likely heard this tip a few times. A heated eyelash curler usually helps keep your eyelashes stay curled for a longer period of time. The heat helps our hair stay curled or straight, so why would it not work on eyelashes? It is important to note that intense heat will do more damage than good so keep the heat to a minimum and test the temperature before putting it near your eyelids.

6. Seal your curls with mascara

woman applying mascara

Just as we seal our curls with hairspray to hold the curl, we need to seal the curl on our eyelashes. As soon as you finish curling your eyelashes they begin to fall. Mascara acts as a sealant so mascara should be applied immediately after curling. Mascara will also help push the eyelids up. 

7. Waterproof mascara 

Waterproof mascara may be the key to fixing eyelashes that naturally grow down. The formula for waterproof mascara was designed to be lighter and the consistency drier so the lashes hold quicker. This drier and lighter consistency is ideal because it means the lashes freeze in the curl quicker, which is necessary to maintain the curl.

However, if you find that your eyelashes are still not holding a curl, one tip that is a major rule breaker is curling your lashes after applying mascara. As mentioned above, the waterproof mascara formula is a drier consistency which can lead to the eyelashes falling and/or breaking.

Applying waterproof mascara and then curling your lashes and following up with waterproof mascara is risky. You have to make sure that the mascara is completely dry and not sticky before gently squeezing. 

If you are suffering from unflattering eyelashes, give a lash lift or our eyelash curling tricks a try. If you are also looking to grow your lashes, give Latisse a try first! And, you can order directly from us! If you have any questions about Latisse, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you start your Latisse journey!

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    • Hi Linda! Sometimes it could be the technique or actually the curler itself! Perhaps you can try different ones to see what works best. Our team here is a fan of always going to YouTube to see what new beauty blogger has tips and tricks for the best curl yet!

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