Latisse vs Lash Extensions

If you have not been blessed with the gene that gives you incredible looking natural lashes, what are the options for beautiful, fluttery eyelashes? The most common ways to deal with thin or unimpressive eyelashes are eyelash extensions or by using an eyelash growth serum like Latisse. How do you choose the option that is best for you? There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Latisse Overview

For those who are unfamiliar,  Latisse lash growth serum is the first and only brand name prescription treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for thin or sparse eyelashes. A fun fact is that it was actually discovered by accident. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient or drug in Latisse was originally used to treat glaucoma.

When using the eyedrops to treat their glaucoma, patients could not help but notice the look of their new lashes darkening, lengthening, and thickening, and this is how Latisse came to be.

woman applying latisse

To achieve longer, thicker, and darker lashes, Latisse should be applied each night only using the applicators provided in the package:

  1. Make sure your face is clean, and if you wear contacts, be sure to remove them.
  2. Place one drop of Latisse on the disposable and sterile applicator and meticulously brush along the base of the upper eyelash only, from the inside corner to the outside.
  3. If there is any excess on the outside of the eyelid, it should be blotted with a tissue, Q-tip, or other absorbent materials.

With consistent use, patients tend to see results with longer, thicker lashes in as little as four weeks, and full results after sixteen weeks of Latisse use.  It is important to note, you will need to continue to use Latisse for as long as you’d like longer, thicker lashes, or they will return to their previous length and thickness over time.

There are potential side effects that Latisse patients need to be aware of. Effects such as dry or watery eyes, slight swelling, burning, or itching of the eyelid may occur. 

Other effects people have reported experiencing are irritation, darkening, or reddening of the skin around the application site. These effects are not permanent and will cease to be bothersome once you stop using Latisse. 

Purchasing Latisse with SkinSolutions MD, a 5 ml bottle costs $149 ($139 if you purchase with auto-fill)  which lasts around two and a half months. The 3 ml bottle costs $109 ($99 if you purchase with auto-fill) which generally lasts a little over a month. If you are looking for the best deal we always recommend patients purchase the larger bottle and sign up for our auto-shipment options. 

What’s the Difference with Eyelash Extensions?

woman with eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great, instant option to achieving natural-looking beautiful thick, dark, fluttery, lashes. But the results depend on the type of lashes, glue, and the certified lash artist. 

The process is lengthy but straightforward with the initial application process taking 90 minutes to 2 hours. Using medical-grade adhesive, the esthetician places the false eyelashes individually to blend in with your real lashes. The three types of lash extensions are synthetic, silk, or mink with length ranging from 6 to 17mm.

Once complete, the results are immediate. However, you will need to go in for a  maintenance appointment or for a “fill” every three to four weeks. The initial application can cost anywhere from $150 – $400 and a fill costs $55 – $150. 

Unless you are allergic to the glue or the type of lash there isn’t much research or evidence on whether eyelash extensions can negatively affect your lashes. There have been mentions of a minor risk of the constant weight of eyelash extensions causing your natural lashes to fall out, but this has not been confirmed, and the chances are slim.

If applied correctly and you are scheduling regular fills, your eyelash extensions should not make your natural eyelashes fall out any faster than they would on their own during the eyelash cycle. 

What is Our Recommendation?

Eyelash extensions may sound enticing but carving out two hours from a busy schedule for the initial application and another hour every three to four weeks for maintenance seems daunting. This does not even consider the hefty price tag that comes with it.

Personally, Latisse would be my choice. It is unfortunate that results do not start to show until at least a month of consistent use, but SkinSolutions makes it easy to fulfill all requirements online to order your first bottle of Latisse. They even make refills easy with the “Auto-Refill” option sending new bottles of Latisse at the appropriate times. 

If you are serious about achieving your best eyelashes with Latisse, contact SkinSolutions.MD today!

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