5 Ways to Save Money on Your Skin Care

Having perfect skin is something that we all strive for, but have you ever found that the biggest limitation in your routine is the cost of the products themselves? The. Struggle. Is. Real. But we are here to help! 

We all know a good skin care routine can be expensive, so we want to ensure that you get the best deal possible on all the skin care products you love without having to break the bank.

We did the hard work for you, and found 5 of the top budget friendly ways to save money on your favorite SkinSolutions.MD skin care essentials, along with an exclusive Facebook group to join to talk with other real community members about their experiences and product suggestions. 

How can one save money in their skincare regimen?

Keep reading to find out just how much money you can save on all the products you love, and don’t be afraid to try them all. Each one of our 5 tips contain different promotions and a variety of options so that you can decide for yourself which one is right for your budget! 

1. Sign up for our Newsletter for Weekly Deals 

Join our mailing list and we’ll deliver our best-value prices and promotions, advice from spa estheticians, and more, right into the palm of your hand. 

We are always having exclusive deals and events going on, so it’s a helpful way to stay up to date on up and coming sales and promo codes. Flash sales and exclusive member offers are not to be missed! Sign up here.

2. Sign up for Latisse Club, a Private Facebook Group 

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Who doesn’t love a good giveaway or flash sale? Join our Facebook group, Latisse Club, for all the VIP insight on our giveaways, exclusive offers, and announcements on our top skin care products. 

The group’s community is also a great way to interact with other Latisse users to see how their progress is going, and people are always sharing new tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your Latisse to get your lashes and brows to their longest and thickest potential. 

Community members are always sharing their before and after photos as well so if you are a new user to Latisse, or even considering trying it, join this group to see just how well this lash growth serum works and chat with other members about their lash journeys. 

3. Sign up for a Loyalty Program like Alle

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When you sign up for Alle, enter your personalized number on every Latisse lash growth or SkinMedica skin care purchase to earn points towards savings on future purchase of those products!

Once you have a few purchases up to your belt, log into your Alle account to redeem your points towards rebate coupons (100 points = $10 rebate). When you have those coupon codes, provide those codes during checkout on your Latissse or SkinMedica skin care product purchases. We apply and refund the rebate to your order; you don’t have to do anything else! 

Ranging all the way from professional skin care and fillers to laser hair removal and more, members earn points on Allergan Aesthetics brands and a variety of in-office treatments from other brands too that are redeemable for up to 12 months; so no need to worry about a quick expiration date. With Alle, all your skin care needs are just a tap away. Best part, it’s free! Don’t delay, sign up here.

4. Use Groupon!

Don’t want to commit to signing up for anything just yet? No problem, we have Groupon too! Groupon is another way to find the greatest deals on all your favorite skin care essentials without having to fully commit to joining anything first.

Be warned though, supplies are always going quick so be sure to check our Groupon regularly to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of our exclusive sales! Here is our current Groupon deal.

5. Know How Much Product to Use

So much product gets wasted by getting rubbed off your face and body, and using too much is literally throwing your money down the drain. Not only that, but if you use some facial products too much, they will leave your skin dry and irritated and nobody wants that!

Instead of guessing, learn just how much to use each of your favorite skin care products to ensure that you are getting the maximum results. When used properly, all your products together will give your skin a healthy glow. It even provides an even surface to apply your makeup later on if you choose to. 

Sometimes less is really more! Here are a few coin comparison examples to get you started: 

  • Facial cleanser: Use a dime-size amount. 
  • Sunscreen: Apply a quarter-sized portion to your face. 
  • Serums, oils, and eye creams: Use a penny-sized amount for all these products. 
  • Retinol: Portion out a dollop that’s between the size of a dime and a nickel. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let money stand in your way of having perfect skin, leave that part up to us! It’s that easy – 5 ways to save money on the perfect skin care routine! 

What other money saving tips or budget tips do you have for healthy skin? Leave us a comment down below, and then share this article with your social media networks and anywhere else.

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