How to Take Hemp Oil

CBD is revolutionizing the way the world views wellness and is giving the consumer the ability to treat various ailments using a more holistic approach. You’ve already made the tough decision of deciding to add a CBD product into your wellness routine and now comes the tricky part. What’s the best way to take it?  

Before we dive in, it’s important to remember that there is no “right way!” It’s just like if you joined a gym in hopes of training for a marathon, only to find out you hate running. Would you be motivated to stick with it? As with any new routine or lifestyle adjustment, the trick to success is finding what works for you and how you will stay motivated. Because with any hemp oil product, consistent use is always key to seeing the best results. 

Before you begin to take these products, it is a good idea to figure out what your main concerns are and what the ultimate takeaway is you want from your CBD routine. Are you looking for anxiety relief, better sleep, pain relief, or overall well-being? It’s also important to recognize that dosage will differ based on your method of consumption. Factors such as weight, metabolism and treatment hopes will all play a strong deciding factor. Once you have pinpointed your ultimate wellness concerns, you are prepared to select your way of taking it.

There are four main ways to take hemp oil: topical, edible, tincture and vape. Each method delivers CBD to your body in a different way and for a different length of time. You then can base your overall wellness goal on your schedule and the desired quantity. 

1. Topicals

topical cbd

A topical CBD product literally means anything you can apply directly on top of your skin. Products such as a lotion, salve, gel or patch are a great option for novice users. Contrary to ingesting, topically applying CBD oil reaches its direct target, like sore muscles or inflamed, stiff areas.

Although the skin is the largest organ of the body, very little CBD will actually enter the bloodstream through this method. Hemp oil topicals will range consistently as well as CBD potency, and it’s up to your personal preference on which appeals best to you.

How to use a CBD Topical

Using CBD topicals is very easy and straightforward; you simply massage the product into the targeted skin area. You can repeat this process as needed throughout the day until you reach the desired relief. 

2. Edibles

edible cbd

Edibles are various food products infused with CBD that you ingest, like gummies or chocolates. They are usually made to pack a delicious flavor and make taking hemp oil an enjoyable experience.

When it is ingested, it goes through the digestive tract, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and can travel throughout your body. This method is the slowest for CBD to reach its target, but it’s also the longest period of time that it stays active in your bloodstream.

Edibles are popular because they’re available in varying degrees of CBD potency, from small to super-strong amounts. The biggest appeal for edibles is how you take it. Taking an edible is simple, you just eat it! Just always be careful of the serving size stated on the packaging, you don’t want to take too much too quickly.

3. Tinctures

Tinctures or “drops” are liquid supplements in a glass bottle with a perfectly sized dosing dropper top for easy dispensing. Tinctures are a very popular option because the manufacturers are able to add other powerful ingredients. Luxury CBD brand Le Pragma, blends their tinctures with the finest ingredients by adding both caviar oil and algae extract.

Most companies will mix in natural herbs and essential oils for the flavor to help mask the strong taste of natural hemp. The perfectly crafted flavor drops of the Le Pragma tinctures is what sets them apart from other manufacturers.

How to use a CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

Using the dropper, open your mouth and dispense the desired drops under your tongue.

sublingual cbd

This method is called “sublingual” and is a great technique if you want fast results since the CBD will absorb into the capillaries under your tongue and hit your bloodstream quicker. We recommend waiting with the oil under your tongue for at least 20 seconds and then swallow.

4. Vape

vape cbd

Vaping is the quickest way to get CBD into your system, but its effects last too for the shortest period of time. When CBD is inhaled, it goes straight to the lungs and into the bloodstream. Not all beginning users choose to vape the products. But vaping seems to be a natural choice for people who already like to vape or smoke, but it can be very foreign for a first time user.

So why is vaping popular? Because of its ability to get CBD into your system quicker than most other methods. If you’re looking to get an immediate, short-term relief, then an inhaled hemp oil product like a vape might be ideal for you!


Once you find your optimal way to take hemp oil and dosage, please be aware that consistency is key for any long-term results. Sticking to a schedule is essential, as well as giving the product time to work. 

In addition, be aware that switching products may require you to switch up the dose, because not all products are created equal! With any product, we always recommended you start with a very low dose to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the product, and work your way up from there. Good luck on your CBD wellness journey!

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