How Has My Latisse Experience Been?

Our team here at SkinSolutions.MD are big fans of Latisse! We would never promote or recommend a product to any of our customers without using it ourselves. But first things first, what is Latisse? 

Latisse (bimatoprost 0.03%) is the only brand name prescription treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for thin or sparse eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. With a simple approach of a drop of solution per eyelid, you will see a visible difference in eyelash growth as little as four weeks, with full results after sixteen weeks! 

When we heard these results we knew our team had to try it before we buy it! Read along how our Latisse journey has been for the four of us or feel free to watch the video we created for your viewing pleasure below! 

SSMD latisse review

Why do you want to use Latisse?

Mariah: Longer, darker lashes of course!

Jordan: Fuller lashes. I think this is what most people use it for.

Camille: Wake up with lashes. A lot of people with extensions use it to replenish their lashes. 

Mandy: No more false lashes!

What’s your favorite thing about Latisse? 

Mariah: Easy to use!

Jordan: There’s just so much! Latisse has made my eyelashes longer and darker. 

Camille: Super long lashes beside falsies. It is subjective but my lashes have been hitting my eyebrow.

Mandy: Easy to use! Just apply once before bed and wake up with lashes!

What’s your least favorite thing about Latisse? 

Mariah: I have to be patient. I saw some length after a month, but I am just excited for more.

Jordan: I have been experiencing a little irritation. I just cut back on the amount of Latisse I’ve been using. Just one drop is more than enough! Ever since then, it’s been fine.

Camille: Applying it every night. I’m lazy!

Mandy: Application. More often than not, I always fall asleep before I remember to take off my makeup or put on my Latisse. I get mild side effects as well but I just make sure I don’t use more than recommended and it was fine. 

Do you apply Latisse daily?

Mariah: As often as possible. I have missed a couple days. But I’ll use it in the morning if I forgot the night before but only on my clean eyes. 

Jordan: No…but I still experience growth! I’ve gone about 3 days but never noticed any decrease or fall out of my eyelashes. Even if I miss an application, I don’t put in anymore the next time.

Camille: Yes! But it is not easy. I forget sometimes too.

Mandy: No, but I also do not experience any fall out if I forget a few days. I use it every other day.

jordan's eyelashes

Is Latisse something you recommend?

Mariah: I’ve already been suggesting it to everybody. 

Jordan: The lashes will tell you all. So yes!

Camille: Yes! It works!

Mandy: Yes!

Anything else about experience do you want to share?

Mariah: Start with a buddy! Starting this with my coworkers has been awesome. 

Jordan: Really, just be patient!  It is going to take a month or so to see anything. I did not start seeing any difference until after week 3 or 4. It will vary for everyone. 

Camille: Yes, that was me. I needed a buddy system!

Mandy: The buddy system works. It’s accountability to remember to apply! 

mariah's eyelashes


Our closing thoughts for Latisse are unanimous. Our team here at SkinSolutions.MD love Latisse, and while it is a bit hard to stay consistent with continued use, the results are very much worth it!

As a group, we did not experience any eye color change or major irritation where we needed to discontinue use. Everyone is different so if you have any concern please reach out to us or Allergan, the manufacturer of Latisse.

If you are interested in learning more or like to purchase know that SkinSolutions.MD is here to help or you can visit our website here. We always offer a free prescription and free shipping for your Latisse to be shipped right to your door. 

If you are getting a prescription for the first time, you will need to completely fill out your secure medical questionnaire and upload or elect to email your required photos before successfully purchasing. Take a quick look and check that you have filled out all the required fields in the checkout process, following all of the directions—sometimes it is easy to miss something!

If you have a prescription on file with us, the process is straight forward. You can simply log in to your Skin Solutions member account and add your desired size of 3mL or 5mL (the better deal!) to your cart.

If you are still having trouble ordering Latisse, please call our customer support line at 888-910-0623 or open a chat window.

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